Thank You to our Board of Directors

For sharing their time and expertise to help us revolutionize healthcare for a healthier, more equitable world.

Women’s College Hospital Foundation Board of Directors 2022/2023

Debbie Simpson, Chair 

Ron McEachern, Vice Chair 

Linda L. Bertoldi 

Gail Cecil 

Michael Cherny 

Valerie Chort 

Sylvia Chrominska (Ex-Officio) 

Wendy Daniels 

JoAnne Doyle (ex-officio) 

Elizabeth L.W. Fanjoy 

Ozench F. Ibrahim 

Barb Keenan 

Dr. Cynthia Maxwell (ex-officio) 

Anne McGuire (ex-officio) 

Heather McPherson (ex-officio) 

Paul Melville-Gray 

Silvia Montefiore 

Jennifer Ocampo-King 

Eden M. Oliver 

Aman S. Patel 

Jennifer Reynolds 

Maria Theofilaktidis 

Katherine Tweedie 

Robert Yeung 

Samra Zafar 

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