Heather McPherson and JoAnne Doyle

A message from the Hospital

Women’s College Hospital pursues our vision of a healthier, more equitable world each and every day. The work we undertake to enhance healthcare within our organization and across the system demonstrates our commitment to think differently and create solutions that meaningfully address complexities and intersections of gender, race and social determinants that impact health. For us, this means boldly advocating, innovating and applying our deep expertise so that our diverse communities of patients receive culturally safe, inclusive and compassionate high-quality healthcare.  

Choosing a career in healthcare at Women’s is driven by a passion to care for others, push the boundaries of science and make meaningful change. The staff, clinicians and scientists at Women’s College Hospital continue to uphold our long history of modernizing traditional views and practices and challenging the status quo in pursuit of equity and innovation. 

We could not be prouder of our team and the work they do each day. We know our work is made possible by your support. We are enormously grateful for your partnership, your generosity and your belief in our mission to revolutionize healthcare for everyone. 

As we look to the future, we are energized by what lies ahead. With you by our side, we know that #TeamWCH will continue to carve new care pathways making healthcare more accessible to people inside our hospital and in their local communities. We will deepen our commitments to equitable care to ensure that no one is left behind and to advance research by envisioning concepts and ideas that would otherwise seem impossible. Simply put, we are the revolutionaries changing the face of healthcare, for everyone. 

Thank you, 
Heather & JoAnne 

Side by side headshots of Heather McPherson and JoAnne DoyleHeather McPherson 
President and CEO, 
Women’s College Hospital 
Side by side headshots of Heather McPherson and JoAnne DoyleJoAnne Doyle 
Chair, Board of Directors 
Women’s College Hospital 

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